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Indoor 2.6 - Outdoor 3.9IP - ICON Led Screens -  The most updated and the best system shipping NOW.
ICON Led Screens
FS-750H-1X1 L004848
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FS-750H-1X1 L004848
Professional Stages Decks 100cm x 100cm TUV approved, HEXA Finish, 750kg/m 16kg per sqm stage.
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  • Package Dimensions
    Loading according DIN 15921
    Vertical: q=750kg/m²
    Horizontal: q/20
    2 times lower deflection
    Only 32kg for 2x1m deck
    Compatible profile

    Compatibility – with other leading brands.
    Everdeck gives you full flexibility!
    Shape improvement – angle on the outside
    compatible with scaffold beam without
    using any special adaptors.
    Low storage costs – only 9cm stacking height

    Main systems on the market provide legs 48,3 round, 50×50 square, 60×60 square. Usually to fit the leg corner you need to exchange to the pressure cube inside the corner.
    In addition the pressure cube is really tiny that’s why all force is going only to the longer screw
    Our new pressure cube is universal for above legs 50x50sq, 60×60 sq, and 48,3 round. There is no need to exchange anything!
    To achieve this we have extended our corner. No matter what type of the leg we will use the pressure cube is always staying inside of the corner profile to give max stability.