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FOS AURORA : Powerful Wash 7x40 watt RGBW Leds - NEON PIXEL EFFECT- Amazing Zoom - NOW Shipping
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     FOS TITAN Beam
    Professional Beam with Super Prisms (16 facet+24 facet prism) and powerful, ultra bright OSRAM 7R Lamp (2000 hours) , 3 phase P/T motors , Solid Beam angle: 2.5° ,Anti-reflection 136mm front lenses , Control Channel:14/16 DMX ,11 colors , 16 gobos , Frost filter, Motorized focus from near to far (2.5M-30M) , 13.2kgs.
  •  FOS Scorpio Beam
    Professional Beam 200 watt Led source 7500K, glass optic systen with 2 ° projection angle, Gobo wheel with14 gobos, color wheel with 12 colors, 16Bit Pan/Tilt, 8 facet Rotation Prism, electronic focus, PowerCon in/out, low noise fans, 11kg.
  •  FOS Beam 7R Hybrid Plus
    Ηigh Light output Beam Moving head 7R Hybrid 230 watt lamp, 3 phase motors, Beam aperture: 0-3.8°, 13 colors + white, 15 fixed gobos + white. Frost lens: wash effect 8 facet prism rotation,linear focus. 11,9 kg, 2m-Infinity
  •  FOS Beam 150W Led
    Beam Moving head 150 watt White Led, Color Temperature 6800 K, Beam angle: 2°,11 colors + white,14 fixed gobos + white ,8 facet prism rotation.linear dimmer, lcd display.
  •  FOS Iridium 75w Beam
    Led 75watt Beam Moving head, 14 colors , 17 gobos , 8 facet prism with variable speed and direction , fresnel lens, powercon in/out , 9/11 Dmx channels.
  •  FOS Pico PRO
    Unlimited Rotation Beam moving head with 60 watt Led Osram multi-chip RGBW.Dimmer, Beam Angle 5°, High-efficiency 94 mm optics, 0-100% linear dimming , Adjustable speed strobe effect ,Pan/Tilt 360° infinite rotation, Powercon in , 5kg.
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