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D Class Amplifier: 2ch and 4ch D class high-performance amplifier, led VU meter, temperature control fans, frequency response 20Hz - 34Kz, adjustable VPL.
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CLIMATE IP6 -Black L005758
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CLIMATE IP6 -Black L005758
High Quality public address 2 way speaker, dust-proof and waterproof IP55, 100/70V and 8, U type steel bracket included, ideal for out door installations, max input 90W/100V , 180W/8, SPL 90 dB, 6.5?? Woofer + 1?? Tweeter, rugged HIPS black housing.
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  • Technical Specifications

    Rate Power: 60W@100V; 90W@8.
    Max Power: 90W@100V; 180W@8.
    Impedance: 83, 167, 333, 667, 1.33k.
    Power Select: 100V: 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W;  70V: 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.75W.
    S.P.L(1W / 1m): 90dB.
    MAX S.P.L(Rated / 1m): 108dB@100/70V; 110dB@8.
    Frequency Response(-10dB): 70Hz~20kHz.
    Spread Angle (4kHz / 1kHz): 90° / 190°.
    Power Select Operate: Rotating Selection Switch.
    Material: Housing: HIPS;  Grille: Steel.
    Operate Temp/ Humidity: -30°C ~ 60°C;  <95%.
    Dustproof/ Waterproof degree: IEC529 IP55.
    Speaker Unit: 6.5”Woofer + 1”Tweeter.
    Size: 214 (W) x 329(H) x 178(D).
    Net Weight: 4.8kg.
    Installation: U Type Mounting Bracket or Optional Other Bracket.