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New innovative Led Wash Helix Ultra & HP and Q19 Ultra with pixel ring and high-power LEDs, Shipping Now.
HELIX & Q19 Ultra
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  • HOT!
     FOS Spark Jet Pro
    The best sparkle machine with RDM function and density channel, Adjustable Height 1.5-5M , Lineary Adjustable Density 30-100%, Maximum Single Continuous Duration 30s, Heat Up Time 5 Minutes , 5 Minutes , seetronic connectors, consumption 20-25g/Minute
  •  FOS Spark Powder
    Titanium Powder 150 gr and RFID card for Spark Jet PRO.
  •  FOS Case Spark Jet PRO
    Flight case with wheels for 4 pcs Spark Jet PRO with accesories and console space.
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