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D Class Amplifier: 2ch and 4ch D class high-performance amplifier, led VU meter, temperature control fans, frequency response 20Hz - 34Kz, adjustable VPL.
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  • HOT!
    Digital mixing console , 16 channel - 12 mic inputs, 2 stereo inputs, 8 customizable XLR outputs, 16 bus and 4 mono output bus, 5 stereo output, Up to 8 modules(2 reverb,2 Modulations,2 Delay,2 15-band EQ
  •  DM8
    Digital mixing console , 8 channel - 6 mic inputs, 1stereo inputs, 2 XLR outputs, 2 bus, 4 Effects Modules ,2 reverb ,2 Delay, WIFI connecting to USB wireless module,1 LAN interface
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