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D Class Amplifier: 2ch and 4ch D class high-performance amplifier, led VU meter, temperature control fans, frequency response 20Hz - 34Kz, adjustable VPL.
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KZ DQ6 L006073
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KZ DQ6 L006073
Professional 3-units pure balanced armature acoustic earphones, impedance: 25Ω, sensitivity 112db, frequency : 20-40000HZ, light weight30g, high performance zinc alloy hardware, 3.5mm plug, high-frequency balanced , 10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit and 6mm single magnetic dynamic unit x2.
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  • Features

    New-level Hi-Fi professional headset technology benchmark.

    Array type three-unit dynamic earphone.

    KZ DQ6 has a 10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit + two 6mm single magnetic dynamic units, brand-new structure, powerful analytical power, clear vocals, distinct musical instruments, and rich musical details can be displayed.

    The 10mm dual magnetic dynamic, once again used as the basis of low-mid and low-frequency sound, has deep bass and strong elasticity, which greatly improves the sensitivity and enhances thelow-frequency texture again.

    Array type dynamic high-frequency combination can significantly optimize an insufficient high frequency of single dynamic and increase the range of sound field. The sense of hearing is closer to stage sound.

    KZ DQ6's excellent overall performance and high-quality music reproduction allow you to hear more details of good sound.

  • Specifications

    10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit.
    6mm single magnetic dynamic unit.
    Frequency response: 20 - 40000 Hz.
    Impedance: 24Ω.
    Sensitivity: 112dB.
    Plug Type: 3.5 mm.
    Pin Type: 0,75 mm.
    Line Lenght: 125 cm