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D Class Amplifier: 2ch and 4ch D class high-performance amplifier, led VU meter, temperature control fans, frequency response 20Hz - 34Kz, adjustable VPL.
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  •  KZ Golden & Silver Cable
    Golden & Silver upgrade cable for KZ earphones, 3,5mm plug ,C pin type.
    Bluetooth 5.0 cable for KZ earphones, C type, AptX HD, CSR8675 Chip, IPX5 Level Waterproof, 130 mAh Battery Capacity Lasts For 8 Hours.
  •  KZ Lighting Silver Cable
    Lighting Silver Cable for apple devices, upgrade for KZ earphones, C type.
  •  KZ ABS Case
    High Quality plastic case for KZ earphones.
  •  KZ Oval Case
    High Quality oval Leather fabric case for KZ earphones.
  •  KZ Memory Foam
    Replacement memory foam for KZ earphones, 3 pairs (Large,Medium,Small), black,
  •  KZ Silicone eartips
    Silicone eartips for KZ earphones, 3 pairs (Large,Medium,Small) white.
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