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New innovative Led Wash Helix Ultra & HP and Q19 Ultra with pixel ring and high-power LEDs, Shipping Now.
HELIX & Q19 Ultra
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512 Dmx Channels interface , LED Player , Mini USB 2.0 , Infra Red Remote Control, 5 V. DC USB Power supply Default scene triggering when power up
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  • Main Software Features

    • Languages now available : French, English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian
    • User-friendly Editor mode to program scenes
    • Effect-generator for Colors (RGB) and Pan/Tilt (X/Y) movements
    • Graphical DMX addressing for 128 DMX Universes via the Patch
    • Complete Profile Editor, easy and fast to operate with more than 7,000 existing library files (Profiles)
    • Advanced Matrix Editor to allow all LED pixel configurations
    • Device's memory to write scenes and trigger sequences under Stand Alone mode
    • User firendly and effective Live Board mode to play and trigger
    • Compatibility with 32/64 bit systems (Windows, Mac Os X, Linux)
    • Free, downloadable updates
    • Can modify the DMX signal speed and allocated DMX universes
    • Includes a smart-phone communication to command the live board

  • Stand Alone

    • Organize and schedule scenes by time and date in chronological order and to write them in to the dedicated device memory
    • Graphic Timeline to display an overview of all the Time Triggers effective without computer
    • Setup the output channels number, number of universes
    • Assign triggers to interfaces buttons
    • Setup Infrared remote triggers + External contacts I/O
    • Setup a default start scene
    • Mast/Slave mode to synchronize up to 64 interfaces together in SA

  • Live Board

    • Mouse, Keyboard, MIDI and DMX IN allowed in Live Board
    • Multiple Program Triggers with latest priority management
    • Can play several Program buttons at the same time
    • Graphic, customizable and user friendly Live Board mode for triggering scenes, programs and sequences, touch screen operated
    • Scenes can play Audio files (MP3, Wave)
    • Color, Dimmer, Speed, Black Out, Pause can be managed in Live manually or with keyboard keys
    • Live command can be called via a keyboard keys, MIDI and DMX