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  •  FOS 611 D8+
    Electric Chain Hoist D8+ , Lifting Capacity: 500 KG , Lifting Height:20 M , Lifting Speed: 4 M/min , Double Electromagnetic Brake System, Protection Grade: IP 55 , Motor Protector , Overload Protector.
  •  FOS 611 Case
    Flight case with wheels for 1 pc chain motor 611 D8+.
  •  FOS 611 Handles Set
    Additional Handles Set for 611+ hoist.
  •  FOS V6 4way Controller
    Portable electric motor 4 way controller ,waterproof plastic suitcase, emergency power and operation buttons: lift and fall control switches.
  •  FOS V6 8way Cotroller
    Portable electric motor 8 way controller , built in flight case , emergency, power and operation buttons , lift control switches.
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