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FOS Atlas Tube L006104
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FOS Atlas Tube L006104
Wireless IP65 battery tube, run time 20 hours, 32 Pixels, LED Type: 288pcs ?0.3Watts RGBW 4in1 full-color LED, DMX 512, Mobile APP WIFI control, Wireless Protocol: W-DMX, Dimensions:119cm diameter 5.2cm , Weight: 1.75kg
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  • Description

    Weatherproof IP65 solid housing
    Battery operated, with wireless connectivity bar, pixel control, and RGBW colour mixing and chase effects. 
    Run time of battery up to 20 hours.
    32 pixels RGBW Led 4in1 Full color.
    Wdmx , each tube can be used as transmitter. 
    IR Remote Control.
    IOS and Android application for control through Wifi.
    Color Temperature adjustment from 2800K - 10000K

  • Light Source / Effects

    Based on 288x 0,3 Watt RGBW 4 in 1 LEDs.
    Viewing angle: 180°.
    Pre-programmed chases with adjustable speed.
    Full control of 32, 16 and 8 pixel groups via DMX 512.
    RGBW colour mixing, full dimming and strobe effects.

  • Control

    Auto, stand alone, sound & DMX controlled. 
    2, 4, 6, 11 control channels, 32 ch for 8 pixel control, 64 ch for 16 pixels control & 128 ch for the maximum of 32 pixels DMX control. 

  • Connectivity Options & Instructions

    Atlas Tube offers WiFi control via smartphone/tablet and Wireless control signal to multiple Atlas Tubes functions.

    Atlas Tubes can be controlled with the following ways:

    Wirelessly, with WiFi option activated independently: Each tube can broadcast its own WiFi network, offering the ability of connecting independently to each bar via smartphone or tablet, and selct a colour or an autoprogram via the LED Lamp application. 

    Wirelessly, with WiFi option activated in a single group. Multiple Atlas Tubes can be controlled via smartphone or tablet, through the LED Lamp app. One Tube, can be set as transmitter (Menu - Set - Wireless 2.4G - Wireless: ON - Mode: Transmit), while the rest Tubes set as Recievers. On the transmitting Tube, activate the WiFi network broadcast in the Menu - Show - WiFi, and note the network name (for example LED_700). 
    Make sure that the recieving Tubes are set to DMX Mode, and their screen are showing a DMX address 001. Connect your smartphone or tablet to the Tubes' network, start the LED Lamp app and control your group of Atlas Tubes.

    Wirelessly, with DMX control. Multiple Atlas Tubes can be controlled via any DMX desk or software. One Tube can be set as a transmitter, while the others as recievers. The recievers can have different DMX addresses. The transmitter Tube, must be connected physically with the DMX desk. 

    *Transmitting Tube will have a blue LED indication, while the paired recieving Tubes will have a green one. The flickering red LED indicates that there is no pairing/connection available. 

    IR Remote Control. A single or multiple Atlas Tubes can be controled simply by using the supplied remote control. If multiple Tubes are paired with the transmiting Tube, they can be controlled at the same time with their Master / Transmitting Tube. Note that the IR Remote must be directed in the Tube with the IR sensor activated. 

  • Technical Specifications

    Charging voltage: DC 12,6 Volt / 2A (with the included power supply).
    Battery charging time: 8 to 10 Hours.
    Maximum battery running time: 20 Hours.
    Battery specification: 4,2V / 4,5 Ah x12 cells , (12,6 Volt / 18Ah).
    Rated power: 50 Watt.
    2,4G communication distance: 200 Meters with optical view.
    WiFi communication distance: 30 Meters, with no obstacles, optical view.
    Maximum transmit power: 20 dBm.
    Reveiever Sensitivity: -94dBm.
    IP65 waterproof rate.
    Temperature protection: 60°C.
    Dimensions: diameter 52 mm, length 1190 mm.