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FOS Hercules PRO L005882
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FOS Hercules PRO L005882
Multipurpose Profile and Beam/Spot/Wash (BSW) moving head , latest technology White 1000W LED light source, Total Output (Lumen) 35.000, 7000K color temperature, CRI 90Ra, lifetime 20.000 hours, Zoom range 5°-45°, variable High-precision glass lenses, electronic linear HD focus, 4-facet prism effect, 6 interchangeable variable speed rotation gobos , CW/CCW, 7 static gobos, linear CMY + CTO for infinity color mixing, framing system , frost effect, linear animation wheel .
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  • Light source / Optics

    Light source: 1000 Watt white LED.
    Expected lifetime: 20,000 hours.
    Colour temperature: 6500 Kelvin.
    38000 lummens (max beam angle).
    Zoom range:6°~45°Linear high speed zoom,the spot is uniform and consistent in any range.
    Focus: high precision glass lens, electron linear focus.

  • Effects

    Prism: 1 four-prism.
    Frost: 1-independent frost effect.
    Rotating gobo wheel: 1 interchangeable gobo rotator, 6 optional pattern pieces.
    Fixed gobo wheel: 1 fixed gobos +7 pattern pieces +open, CW/CCW rotation, variable speed.
    Gobo outside diameter: 27mm.
    Max. Image diameter: 22mm.
    Max Thickness: 3.5mm.
    Gobo material: high-temperature coated glass.
    Color wheel: 6 dichroic colors and clear, “Rainbow effect” in both directions.
    CMY: infinite color mixing.
    CTO: 6500K-2700K.
    Pan/Tilt movement: 540˚/270˚,adopting a function which resets 32bit accurately and automatically Strobe: 1-20Hz.
    Dimmer: 0-100%, mechanical linear dimming.

  • Control

    Control channels (DMX): 36/33/52
    Protocol: DMX-512 RDM
    Display: OLED

  • Installation / Dimension details

    Power input, nominal: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz.
    Max. Power consumption: 1107W.
    Max current: 11.15A PF: 0.99.
    Main fuse: 250V / 15A.
    Power input: self-contained power cord.
    DMX data input/output: Chassis 3-pin.
    Weight: 36.5kg.
    IP rating: IP20.
    Material: Aluminum, copper, steel, plastic, iron.
    Mounting points: 4 fixed folding lamp hook + attachment points for safety wire.

  • Thermal conditions

    Operating range: 14˚F to 113˚F (-10˚C to 45˚C)
    Startup range: -13˚F to 113˚F (-25˚C to 45˚C)
    Storage range: -39.9˚F to 140˚F ( -40˚C to 60˚C)
    Cooling: Active fan
    Humidity: ≤85%

  • Certifications and safety

    EMC: EN 55103-1:2009, EN 55103-2:2009, EN 61000-3-2:2006+A2:2009, EN 61000-3-3:2013,
    GB/T 17743-2007, GB 17625.1-2012
    Safety: EN 60598-2-17:1989/A2:1991, GB 7000.1-2015, GB 7000.217-2008