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New innovative Led Wash Helix Ultra & HP and Q19 Ultra with pixel ring and high-power LEDs, Shipping Now.
HELIX & Q19 Ultra
FOS Ribbon Driver 200 L005908
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FOS Ribbon Driver 200 L005908
Ribbon tape power supply 24v ,1 channel 200watt , DMX, Auto, Sound, Master/Slave, 5 DMX modes: 1ch,2ch,3ch,4ch, 7ch, 1 output port that can be addressed individually, 18 preset colors with linear dimme, 3 built-in programs, 4 buttons LCD display, 2.5 kg.
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  • Product Description

    Professional LED driver, suitable for RGBW LED strips.
    Operates as stand alone device, or it can be controlled via DMX.
    It can drive strips of 200 Watt maximum.

  • Technical Specifications

    RGB or RGBW LED strip control.
    Stand alone, auto, sound, or DMX control.
    18 preset colors & 3 built-in programs in stand alone mode.
    1, 2, 3, 4 or 7 channel DMX control modes.
    Total power of 200 Watt. 
    Suitable for strips with possitive common. 
    LED display and 4x buttons for accessing the options menu.
    Power supply: 100/240 Volt, 50/60 Hz.