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FOS StarLit Dance Floor L006108
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FOS StarLit Dance Floor L006108
White Led dance floort set 25 sqm, 5mx5m included edges, Twinkling effect ,speed can be adjusted by wireless remote, meanwell power supply, SMD5050 white leds. included flight cases, controller and edges.
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  • Description

    Dance floor, in white colour, with twincle effect based on white integrated LEDs.
    Easy to setup and dismantle, low voltage power supply, and simple operation of the LEDs.
    Dance floor size 25 m(5 x 5 meters).

  • Packing / Set Contents

    The StarLit Dance floor set comes in 4x flight cases, which they include: 

    8x 60 cm x 60 cm panels.
    28x 121 cm x 60 cm panels.

    2x Aluminum frames 121 cm with power cable.
    12x Aluminum frames 121 cm length.
    4x Aluminum frames of 60 cm.
    4x Aluminum corners. 
    Power Supply: 1x 500 Watt.

  • Transportation

    The whole set is provided in 4x flight cases: 

    2x cases with 121 x 60 cm panels - Dimensions: 132 x 46,5 x 87,5 cm.
    1x case with 121 x 60 cm panels - Dimensions: 132 x 40 x 88 cm.
    1x case with 60 x 60 cm panels - Dimensions: 74,5 x 40 x 88 cm.
    1x case with the aluminum frames and accessories - Dimensions: 128,5 x 42 x 52,5 cm. 

  • Specifications

    Power supply: input 90 / 240 Volt AC, 50 / 60 Hz. Output: 36 Volt DC.
    Meanwell power supply.
    Led quantity: 16x LEDs (60 x 60 cm panel), 32x LEDs (121 x 60 cm panel). 
    SMD5050 replacable LEDs.
    Effect: Full on or twinkling with adjustable speed.
    Wireless remote control. 
    Weight: 7 Kgs ( 60 x 60 panel ), 14 Kgs (121 x 60 panel ).