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FOS Water Low FOG 2000 L004895
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FOS Water Low FOG 2000 L004895
Amazing Low Fog 1200 watt smoke machine that needs only water supply for 100 sqm stage, no need Co2 or Dry ice. DMX 512 , Remote Control LCD screen, 2 dmx channels, heat up time 3.05 mins, fluid consumption 1-40ml/min, fluid-less protection, self cleaning function.
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  • Effect description

    Affortable and compact low fog machine! 
    It produces low lying fog with the ultrasonic atomization method. 
    Includes hose and output nozzle.
    The main tank fills with approximately 10 liters of water (upper and lower water levels are marked inside the tank).
    In the fog liquid tank, you add the type (water based only) of the liquid you wish*.

    *Professional liquid will provide maximum intensity of the effect, but afterwards the smoke will be scattered arround the area. With Co2 simulation liquid you will avoid filling the area with smoke, while you will still have the desired low fog effect. The smoke volume can be always controlled independently via DMX or on board.

    Wireless remote, on board and DMX controllable.
    Fan speed and smoke volume can be adjusted via 2 DMX channels, or from the on board menu.
    Heat up time: 3,5 minutes.

  • Dimension / Installation details

    Maximum power consumption: 1200 Watt.
    Heat up time: 3,5 minutes.
    Fluid consumption: 1 to 40 ml per minute.
    2 DMX channels: 1: Fan Speed, 2: Fog volume
    Dimensions: 320 x 590 x 410 mm

  • Packing Details

    Carton box: 43 x 64 x 47 cm