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  •  FOS Triton
    Professional Beam/Spot/Wash moving head, 360w High Brightness White Led, Beam angle: 3° to 36 ° motorized zoom, 10-60 ° frost mode ,Linear CMY+CTO, Color wheel: 10+1 colors, 7 custom interchangeable rotating gobo, 6 fixed gobos, Rotating 8 facets prism, Powercon In/out ,Low noise operation , 21kg.
  •  FOS Scorpio BSW
    Professional Beam/Spot/Wash moving head, 200 watt Led source 7500K, zoom 2.5°-36°, antireflaction 136mm fron lens, 11 colors , 16 static gobos, 6 rotating indexable gobos, frost filter, motorized focus, 3 facet prism , powercon in/out,.
  •  FOS 12R Hybrid PRO
    The improved version of our famous 12R with new optic system, lower noise fans and powercon in/out. Amazing Beam / Spot / Wash moving head 12R, 280 Watt Lamp Zoom 2.5-20°, 13 colors + white,14 fixed gobos, 9 Bi-directional & indexable Rotating Gobos, 8 facet prism, 6 facet prism. 16,7 kg
  • HOT!
     FOS Orion
    Professional Beam/Spot/Wash moving head, 420w High BrightnessWhite Led, Beam angle: 5° to 50 °,Linear CMY+CTO, Color wheel: 8+1 colors, 7 custom interchangeable rotating gobo, 7 fixed gobos,Fast speed iris, Rotating 3 facets prism, RDM
  •  FOS Hercules PRO
    Multipurpose Profile and Beam/Spot/Wash (BSW) moving head , latest technology White 1000W LED light source, Total Output (Lumen) 35.000, 7000K color temperature, CRI 90Ra, lifetime 20.000 hours, Zoom range 5°-45°, variable High-precision glass lenses, electronic linear HD focus, 4-facet prism effect, 6 interchangeable variable speed rotation gobos , CW/CCW, 7 static gobos, linear CMY + CTO for infinity color mixing, framing system , frost effect, linear animation wheel .
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