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HYDOR PROFILE: Concentrated Technology - Outdoor IP66 multipurpose Profile and Beam/Spot/Wash 720watt LED moving head.
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  •  FOS Par 18x10w FLAT
    Aluminium flat led par 18x10w RGBW, Beam aperture: 25°, RGBW dimming/fade, Dimmer: 0-100%, stop/strobe effect , Digital display Double yoke system, 2 kg.
  •  FOS PAR Aurora
    Latest technology Led Par with NEON effect, 7x12 watt 4in1 RGBW leds & 60 x 0.2watt RGB leds for the neon pixel effect, 26 degrees beam angle, IR remote ,CTB and CTO linear colour temperature, Bult in prorgams, powercon in/out, 2.2kg
  •  FOS Par 7x10W ALU
    Aluminium Led par with 7 Leds RGBW ,10 watt each , Beam aperture: 40° Dimmer: 0-100%, stop/strobe effect, DMX 512.
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