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D Class Amplifier: 2ch and 4ch D class high-performance amplifier, led VU meter, temperature control fans, frequency response 20Hz - 34Kz, adjustable VPL.
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IPA-CS L005761
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IPA-CS L005761
Ceiling Speaker (Quick-Mounting Type), 6.5? twin cone, 6W transformer, rated input 6w, 100/70V, 90dB spl. Frequency Response 100Hz-18kHz, white steel construction, ? 170 x 75H mm, Max Ceiling Thickness:25mm.
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  • Technical Specifications
    Rated Input: 6W.
    Max Input: 9W.
    Impedance: 1.7k, 3.3k.
    Power Taps: 100V: 6W, 3W;  70V: 3 W, 1.5W.
    SPL(1W /1m): 90dB.
    MAX SPL(Rated /1m): 96dB.
    Frequency Response(-10dB): 100Hz~18kHz.
    Dispersion (4kHz / 1kHz): 55° / 160°.
    Power Selecting Way: Three core cables: Blue 1.7k, Red 3.3k, Black: COM.
    Material: Panel &Grille: Steel.
    Color: White.
    Temperature / Humidity: -20°C ~55°C;  <95%.
    Speaker Component: 6.5’’Twin Cone Speaker.
    Dimensions: Ø200 x 65H mm.
    Mounting Hole: Ø 170 x 75H mm, Max Ceiling Thickness:25mm.
    Weight: 0.7kg.
    Mounting: Two Integral Spring-loaded Quick-Mounted locking Clamps.
    Shipping Weight: 15kg, 20pcs.
    Shipping Dimensions: 0.0669CBM,  42 x 37 x43 cm, 20pcs.