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  •  FOS Designer 2048
    2048 channels Lighting Console, high-resolution 15 inches capacitive LCD touch screen, Art-Net, 15 playback faders and 15 playback keys, 4 backlit optical encoders, WiFi antenna provides WiFi signal for connecting App, backlit which can be set to different colors for 3 different states, USB 2.0 interface allows you to backup shows, 15Kg.
  •  FOS Designer 1024
    Lighting Controller , 1024 channels with 2 individual optical isolated DMX outputs and Net-work interface, 7" TFT-LCD touch screen for operating, 3 colour backlite keyboard, R20 library files , USB interface , flight case included , 10kg.
  •  FOS RDM Tester
    The ultimate tester, 3/5-Pin DMX cable testing,RDM controller and tester, DMX signal ?flicker finder, Programmable sequence recording/playback, Send/receive DMX, ArtNet testing and send/receive via ArtNet, 8GB MicroSD card storage.
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