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 FOS ORION : The Ultimate Event Tool -  Beam/Spot/Wash 420w Led - CMY CTO - NOW Shipping
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  •  FC-PT
    Powercon true male/female set.
  •  FC-Powercon White
    Powercon White
  •  FC-Powercon Blue
    Powercon Blue
  •  FC-PC-3
    Professional powercon 3 meter male/female 3x2.5mm cable,
  •  FC-PC-5
    Professional powercon 5 meter male/female 3x2.5mm cable,
  •  FC-PC-10
    Professional powercon 10 meter male/female 3x2.5mm cable,
  •  FC-PL
    PowerCon male / Female in line adaptor.
  •  FC-PS
    Professional Powercon/Schuko cable.
  •  FC-CPC-5
    Professional CEE 16A extension cable 5 meters.
  •  FC-CPC-10
    Professional CEE 16A extension cable 10 meters.
  •  FC-CPC-20
    Professional CEE 16A extension cable 20 meters.
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