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HYDOR PROFILE: Concentrated Technology - Outdoor IP66 multipurpose Profile and Beam/Spot/Wash 720watt LED moving head.
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    Innovative outdoor IP66 multipurpose Profile and Beam/Spot/Wash (BSW) moving head , latest technology White 730W LED light source, Total Output (Lumen) 35.000, 7000K color temperature, CRI 90Ra, lifetime 20.000 hours, Zoom range 5°-45°, variable High-precision glass lenses, electronic linear HD focus, 4-facet prism effect, 6 interchangeable variable speed rotation gobos , CW/CCW, 7 static gobos, linear CMY + CTO for infinity color mixing, framing system , frost effect, linear animation wheel .
    Innovative outdoor IP66 multipurpose Beam/Spot/Wash (BSW) moving head , MSD Platinum 25R 550 watt, Total Output (Lumen)130.000, 7800K, CRI 85Ra, Zoom range 1.7°-38°, variable High-precision glass lenses, electronic linear HD focus, 2 prims,8-facet, Symmetric prism, 8 interchangeable rotation gobos, 13 fixed gobos, animation wheel, CMY + CTO + CTB color wheels + 12 colors, DMX-512 RDM - Control channels (DMX): 27/25/35, 46kg.
  •  FOS Led Follow Spot 600
    Professional Follow Spot with electronic Zoom and Focus, Led Source 600 watt 7500K, 38000lm, Color wheel 7 colors + open white, CTO wheel? 3200k+4500k+5600k, Beam angle: 7°-13°. 17kg
    Innovative outdoor IP66 Beam moving head , MSD Platinum Flex 380 watt, Total Output (Lumen)120.000, 7200K, CRI 80Ra, beam angle 2°, variable focus with range from 5m to infinity, 2 prims,8-facet,16-facet controllable independently can produce 24 facet prism effect, frost filter, Fixed gobo wheel: 12 gobos + open, Color wheel: 14 colors + open, Control channels (DMX): 15/12/16, DMX-512 RDM, durable die casting aluminum, 24 kg.
  •  FOS Triton
    Professional Beam/Spot/Wash moving head, 360w High Brightness White Led, 9300lux@2.5m, Beam angle: 3° to 36 ° motorized zoom, 10-60 ° frost mode ,Linear CMY+CTO, Color wheel: 10+1 colors, 7 custom interchangeable rotating gobo, 6 fixed gobos, Rotating 8 facets prism, Powercon In/out ,Low noise operation , 21kg.
  •  FOS RDL3.9 Outdoor 50x100
    Outdoor Led Screen IP65 3 in 1 SMD 1921 pixel pitch 3.9 mm , 14kg panel size 50 x 100 cm, Brightness: 3500 cd/m2, Resolution of module: 64 x 64 , Gray scale 14bits . Refresh Freq 1920 Hz , Nova star Input card inluded , IP 65.
  •  FOS Linea ZOOM
    Professional linear led Zoom bar, 1 meter, 18x 40W RGBW 4in1 LED multichips, Individual pixel control of each RGBW led source, Zoom: 4°- 45°, Motorized zoom: 2 independent zoom zones, Tilt movement: 205°, Control : DMX512, Master-slve, sound, Auto, Channel:16/27/76/88Ch, Electronic strobe effect with variable speed up to 20 Hz, Dimming: 0 - 100%, Power in/out connector: powerCON in/out,weight: 18.3KG
  •  FOS 12R Hybrid PRO
    The improved version of our famous 12R with new optic system, lower noise fans and powercon in/out. Amazing Beam / Spot / Wash moving head 12R, 280 Watt Lamp Zoom 2.5-20°, 13 colors + white,14 fixed gobos, 9 Bi-directional & indexable Rotating Gobos, 8 facet prism, 6 facet prism. 16,7 kg
  •  FOS Cyclone PRO
    Powerful moving Strobe IP65, 480 leds RGB 3in1 in 8 Pixel Sections, 144 leds 5 watt - 6500k White in 4 pixel sections , Tilt movement 185 degrees, Led Macro Effects , 0-100 Linear Dimmer, 20HZ Strobe Effect, True Power 1000w.Powerful moving Strobe IP65, 480 leds RGB 3in1 in 8 Pixel Sections, 144 leds 5 watt - 6500k White in 4 pixel sections , Tilt movement 185 degrees, Led Macro Effects , 0-100 Linear Dimmer, 20HZ Strobe Effect, True Power 1000w.
    Professional PTZ HD Camera for live broadcasting, SONY 1/2.8`` Progressive CMOS sensor 3.50 Megapixel, 20X optical zoom+58.7° view angle, Output: HDMI+SDI+USB+IP, RS232 In/out, RS422, 1080p, auto focus, IR remote, Minimum Illumination 0.1 lux.
  •  FOS RDY2.8 Indoor
    Indoor Led Screen 3 in 1 SMD 2020 , pixel pitch 2.8 mm , panel size 50 x 50 cm, 7.8kg Brightness: 900 cd/m2, Resolution of module: 88 x 88 , Gray scale 16bits . Refresh Freq 3000 Hz , Nova star Input card inluded .
  •  FOS Scorpio Beam PEARL
    White Housing Professional Beam 200 watt Led source 7500K, glass optic systen with 2 ° projection angle, Gobo wheel with14 gobos, color wheel with 12 colors, 16Bit Pan/Tilt, 8 facet Rotation Prism, electronic focus, PowerCon in/out, low noise fans, 11kg.
  •  FOS PC Led 200W
    Professional 200 watt COB led Warm White 3200K PC, Adjustable Zoom 10-55 degrees ,12500 LM, Control mode DMX 512 , power con in/out .Barndoor Included.
  •  FOS Active Winch
    Hybrid Winch for control RGB or Pixel control fixtures, amazing speed 1,2m per sec , 9 meters lifting height , LCD display, 2 dmx modes 9 ch and 63 ch , 3 pin XLR in/out, powercon in/out, 8.5 kg.
  •  FOS Water Low FOG 2000
    Amazing Low Fog 1200 watt smoke machine that needs only water supply for 100 sqm stage, no need Co2 or Dry ice. DMX 512 , Remote Control LCD screen, 2 dmx channels, heat up time 3.05 mins, fluid consumption 1-40ml/min, fluid-less protection, self cleaning function.
    Studio Bicolor Soft panel, 1200 SMD leds 0.2 Watts, Color temperature: 3200K-5600K adjustable (warm white to cold white), high CRI (Ra?95) and high brightness LED, Beam angle: 120degree, DMX channel: 4CH/5CH , Low Noise Operation, 9kg.
    Studio Fresnel, 100 watt Warm White 3200K Cob Led, high CRI (Ra?92) and high brightness LED, Beam angle: 15-60degrees, manual focus adjustable, DMX channel: 1CH, Low Noise Operation,5 kg.
    Multi format video mixer, 4xHDMI inputs, USB 3.0 live stream output, lan port, audio input/output , TFT display for 4 inputs and menu, Flexible T-Bar Switching, live broadcasting platform via third party live streaming software such as OBS.
  •  FOS Reborn 200
    Reborn 200 is a LED retrofit for Source 4 profile. Upgrade your source 4 profile in just seconds. high CRI?98,, bright output and low heat, energy save, RDM function, long life LED 175W 3200K, LCD display, XLR in & out,
  •  FOS Stage Wind DMX
    180 watt stage wind machine, High output, variable speed by 1 ch DMX , adjustable wind angle,1400 rounds /min, Output 2600 CBM/h, IP 54
    Mini Fresnel tunable white 100 watt LED ( 50W warm white + 50W cool white), 2700K - 6500K tunable, CRI 95, 25° - 80° manual zoom, Smooth dimming, flicker free, Super compact, easy for set up, 4-leaf rotatable barndoor included.
  •  FOS Transport Case XL
    Weatherproof IP67 plastic case with wheels and folding handle for easy transport, pre cutted foam for general applications, material TSU19 resin, external dimensions 80x52x32 cm , inside dimensions 74x46x24 cm, lid depth 4.7 cm, 11 kg.
  •  FOS PAR Aurora
    Latest technology Led Par with NEON effect, 7x12 watt 4in1 RGBW leds & 60 x 0.2watt RGB leds for the neon pixel effect, 26 degrees beam angle, IR remote ,CTB and CTO linear colour temperature, Bult in prorgams, powercon in/out, 2.2kg