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Indoor 2.6 - Outdoor 3.9IP - ICON Led Screens -  The most updated and the best system shipping NOW.
ICON Led Screens
FT-ROOF 1 L005061
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FT-ROOF 1 L005061
Completed roof system, 12m x 10m and clear height 7m, Total loading capacity 3500kg Included 4 towers , roof construction, canopy , keder profile.
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  • Specifications
    Roof 1 is a best selling roof system from our portfolio. The structure is available in three different sizes covering the following stages 12x10m (39x32.5ft), 10x8m (32.5x26ft) and 8x6m (26x19.5ft). Its fast and easy assembly makes Roof 1 a great choice for almost any kind of event.

    MAX. DIMENSION       14,5 x 12,5 m (47,6 x 41,0 ft)

    MAX. STAGE SIZE     12x10 m (39,4 x 32,8 ft)

    MAX. CLEARANCE      7,0 m (23,9 ft)

    MAX. HEIGHT          9,1 m (29,8 ft)

    MAX. LOAD BEARING CAPACITY     3500 kg (7716 lb)

    TOTAL WEIGHT OF CONSTRUCTION     2000 kg (4409 lb)