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FT-Tower 1 Set L005059
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FT-Tower 1 Set L005059
Tower 1 is a heavy duty lifting tower with loading capacity 1000kg , height 7.5m , main tubes 50x4mm , included TT truss , long outriggers , base plate , sleeve block , top section
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  • Description

    Model Description qty
    TT-BP Steel Base Plate 1
    TT-LO Long outrigger 4
    TT-SO Short outrigger - optional 0
    TT-SB Sleeve block 1
    TT-TS Top section 1
    TT-HS Hinge section ( 4 pcs for 1 tower ) 4
    TT-CH1 Manual chain block 1t + 10m chain 1
    MH-SB-FT44 Motor holder 1,0t 0
    TT34-50 0,5m Straight segment 1
    TT34-200 2m Straight segment 2
    TT34-300 3m Straight segment 1
    TT SH Safety hooks 1