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Who we Are

FOS Technologies , dedicated  solutions for professional lighting.

FOS Technologies has been created by a group of people with high experience in entertainment show lighting. FOS (in Greek “ΦΩΣ” means “light”) created in Athens back in 2009 when the need for branded but not overpriced products appeared in the Greek, but also in European Market as well.
Since then, FOS exports its products in more than 48 countries worldwide, enjoying 20% general increase for each year.
Year by year, in FOS fixtures family new products are added, while the range's total quality is continuously improved.
Our task is to create and bring products to the professionals, which will offer efficiency, durability, quality of performance and output, as well as maintenance simplicity for our customers, at an affordable price, plus 2 years warranty. 
Apart from the perfect balance between the quality and cost of FOS products, after-sales support offers the customers the choice between requesting specific spare parts,
or the complete fixture maintenance and/or repair from our qualified and experienced service department.

All those choices are accompanied by convenient procedures and costs, depending by each fixture’s warranty state, like free shipping for the spares or free pickup of a malfunctioning fixture. 
Through the years, FOS products have been used into major productions, venues and stages across Greece, Europe, and Asia, proving their value, durability, and performance, which in comparison with their cost makes them a top choice. 
We are always keeping close to our customers, listening to their needs and requests.

Our customers are considered as partners in one target: Creating with light and passion in the entertainment business, with the maximum enjoyment and profit.