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NEW Stage Wind DMX , Hight Output  , 1400 rounds/min , DMX control by 1 ch.

Meet the IRIDIUM!

The new 3 FOS members, the Iridium Beam, Spot & Wash are the smallest and brightest for their size, moving head fixtures!


FOS Titan Beam

New generation beam light with two combinable prisms 16F & 24F, Osram 7R lamp, frost, 11 colors & 16 static gobos, uniform light beam projection, fast Pan/Tilt movements!

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Top Choice !
FOS Pixel Panel RGB+WW
Create a wall for amazing pixel effects with our Pixel Panel RGB + Warm White. VIEW DETAILS
Top Choice !
FOS Pixel LED 7x7 WW
Warm White pixel panel, for pixel effects and with number/letter projection ability! VIEW DETAILS
FOS Pixel/Blinder Panel
FOS Pixel/Blinder Panel
Create stunning pixel effects with 144 RGB sections and 36 Warm White LEDs! VIEW DETAILS